Thought for the day: on vegetables

Arcimboldo yo!

I’ve been thinking a lot about vegetables lately (speaking of which, today I made fun of a mental patient, cuz that’s how I roll). No, really. I have been thinking a lot about vegetables. Must be a vitamin imbalance or my blood alcohol level has dropped too low or something. Yeah, that’ll be it.

Tonight, I am thinking of sugar snap peas, otherwise known as mangetout.

Specifically, I am thinking of this: Why, when they are called mangetout, do you only mange part of them? Perhaps ella can enlighten me.

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7 thoughts on “Thought for the day: on vegetables

  1. But we don’t mange just part of them, like peas that have to be shelled. We mange the pods aussi.

    Hmm..what part(s) are you not eating? (Stems don’t count)

  2. No, but I’ve had people pull awful faces when I don’t take the strings and each end off. They get all weirded out, but it’s not like real beans, that have that green dental floss string. You can just EAT it. But my friends don’t. I guess my friends are just too fucking dainty!

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