Pic o’ the Day: Cthulhufish

There’s something redundant, yet charming about this three-degrees-of-referential, irreverant car adornment.


Sure, sure, my friends may take pictures of things for me, but would they take a crowbar and pry it off a stranger’s car for me? Noooooooooo. I don’t ask much…

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8 thoughts on “Pic o’ the Day: Cthulhufish

  1. Right. Next time I see it, I’ll chisel it off for you…’cause you just don’t have enough freakin’ stuff already!

  2. I’d pry something off a stranger’s car and give it to you …

    Um … Sorry, that came out wrong. For “give it to” substitute “blame it on” … That’d be it.

  3. I have to say, I find the Cthulhu “fish” rather silly and stupid. Im tired of people making fun of and making light of H P Lovecraft.

  4. My preference is a Rolls Royce maskot … but I could never park the Roller in the UK without some Malevolent scratching it

    …. and there was me thinking it was President Truman who was the expert on the supply-side of Gratuitous Noon-Day Banquets and it was the late Milton all the time

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