Thought for the Day: them sonnets ain’t gonna scribe themselves

Shakespeare got to get paid, son.

There’s a lot of this particular thought going around lately: does that make it a meme?


2 thoughts on “Thought for the Day: them sonnets ain’t gonna scribe themselves

  1. It’s not a meme and its not going around lately. It’s from the comic and was posted in 2006. The comic was truncated to the uncredited image above and sold as a uber cool tshirt.

  2. Topher, it’s great to see that you recognize old web comics. It’s kind of sad that you don’t realize it’s clickable to the original source (hence credited, at least to those who are smart enough to recognize a web-standard credit when they see one), or that you’re supposed to click on the other links because all together they do, yes, refer to a meme: Freelance Isn’t Free by name.

    Better luck next time with that whole “getting the point of posts and not being full of bullshit” thing, Topher.

    Oh, and it’s “AN uber-cool” shirt. You’re welcome.

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