Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize

Obama Jesus

Obama Jesus

Well, other than complaining about the load time of WordPress.com, I’ve got not much to add to the news Barack Obama’s won a Nobel Peace Prize. Except that Tom Lehrer got out of political satire the day Henry Kissinger was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, on the grounds that anything he could have said would have been redundant.

Quite so.

12 thoughts on “Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize

  1. Love Tom Lehrer, too. That remark of his about Kissinger was brilliant! (This has made me think of Monty Python’s Henry Kissinger song on youtube.)

    Excellent blog!

  2. Oh, that picture is just . . .
    As a friend of mine said regarding the USA, “It’s all over, my friend.”
    Feels like it’s raining buckets of doom almost everyday.
    Thanks to the savior.
    Yes! He can! (NOT!)

  3. can some one tell me what he did so he can win nobel prize ???? and what his wife did so she can be the lady of the year ???? cuz i didnt see or hear anything good but taking picutrs and talking on TVs

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