How much is that doggie in the Windows?

I’ve been thinking of getting a pet. This one looks perfect:
Fail Dogs - Hannibal Lecter

Hello, Clarice!

21 thoughts on “How much is that doggie in the Windows?

  1. Never trust those little dogs. The minute you run out of treats, they’re prepared to gnaw through your ankles and eat you alive, starting with the eyes. Chihuahuas are the lapdogs of SATAN HIMSELF!

  2. Poor little guy…maybe he need to get with gang at Cesar Milan’s doggie rehab!
    Thanks for trying to help with my picture issue. To answer your question, no, I haven’t deleted anything from the Media Library and simply uploaded the pics. Sometimes they show up and other times not!
    Any insight is highly appreciated!

  3. Ich flatteriere mich dass j’agree avec Herr Ian (one of your Grace’s Incisive Germanische BloggerMensch)


    Is your Grace able to assure us that no Racoon was hurt in the making of this Poste


    How do we kNow dass zees Foto vas not geMADE in Baskerville

    Very Vorrying

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