Celebrity tweets, treated to dramatic reading. This one features Courtney Love, Tila Tequila, and Jessica Simpson.Verified accounts, all. Sounds like a party!

You just know those poor actors are going: for this, I went to COLLEGE!

4 thoughts on “Twits!

  1. You got quite an interesting blog here. Hope to check out more of it later.
    however, I surfed here from a forum list where you advised people how they could help themselves when their posts were not appearing in their categories.

    Report it to staff using the Support button on your dashboard. Many, many people have had the same problem. Not sure if it’s affecting all WP blogs or just some.

    Well, I went to support staff but could not find a spot anywhere to leave a message.
    Any suggestions? Would really like to get some three or four posts out there.
    Michael J

  2. raincoaster thank you for getting back. I delete my link to my actual website. Here is my blog link: Also, how can I change my side bar to look like yours. I thought I understood how to add to Blogroll, Categories, etc. etc. But I don’t quite get it. I want to add pictures and make it like a design store. I appreciate all your HELP!!!!!!

  3. Thanks, nice to see you all on the blog. But I don’t take techie questions in the comments on the blog; I’m just going to refer you back to the forums. Sorry, I’m just arbitrary that way.

    Except I’ll say you probably can’t find the Contact Staff button at http”// because they’re off till Monday.

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