We old-timers of the intarwebs will recognize a resuscitated meme when we see one; oh yes, this is nothing more nor less than a reworking of that classic of the intertubes, the Hampsterdance. With a significantly more anorexic cast. Sound familiar?

Other examples, through time:

Sadly, none have ever approached the catchiness of the original tune and site: there’s just something about Adsense-laden sidebars that somehow limits the freedom of the ecstatic experience, once shortlisted for Song of the Millennium.

They look suspiciously like Meerkats. Better keep an eye on these buggers.

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16 thoughts on “FerretDance

  1. BUT they’re NOT Meerkats

    These puir Wee Critters are engaging in extraordinary Acrobatics – at great risk to themselves – to reinforce the Efforts of the Unicorn/Racoon Alliance in propelling this Serious Educational Blogge beyond Einstein’s Peculiar Theory of Relativity beyond the 3 million Bashes Barrier

    Is your Grace able to assure us that No Motherless Weasels were hurt or injured in the Making of this Tube

  2. This is so totally original. Stealing nothing from the over rated moo cows. There is not a single dancing line of meercats ferrets in this delight. That the creator of this unique video has caught, with exact feeling, the bobbing habits of these delightful creatures is a joy.

  3. “No Motherless Weasels were hurt or injured in the Making of this Tube”

    Confirmed. Because everyone knows weasels are hatched from eggs and don’t have mothers.

  4. “What about the workers !!!!”
    It is time the workers took responsibility for themselves. Just because they work it doesn’t mean the employer has to support their extravagant lifestyle which probably includes wanting more than one meal a day!

  5. Unless they’re meerkats, in which case they insist on the complete subjugation of fairykind and they probably eat baskets of Alicorn wings three times a day, the heartless bastards.

  6. UND Vot is wrong avec being hatché from an Egge

    These Rccoons have not exactly been notorious for abstaining from Eggies (as Chaucer put it) with their Breakfast Bacon

  7. Ja, ja, bestimmt, Senhor AerChie

    Wee Ken all that


    Doesn’t this shew the Philosophical Shallownesses of Evolutionary & Socialist Thought and of Mr Obama’s Health Care Plans

    Ferrets are the Fairies’ Problem rather than their Solution

    Just think

    How much happier Sardines would be without the Meerkat-inspired Puffins and Portuguese Fishermen catching them

    How many more Fairies would there be in Africa or in the Canadian Pacific Rain Forests, if the MeerKats and their Tree Oktopodia Friends weren’t so determined to eat them

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