quiz: what fall fruit or vegetable are you?

This is so wrong. Anyone who’s met my relatives would KNOW I would never pump kin.

You Are Pumpkin

You are the classic fall favorite, but there’s nothing ordinary about you. You are very culinarily adventurous.

To cook with pumpkin requires being something of a mad scientist, at least if you’re not going the whole canned route.

You love a challenge in the kitchen, and you’re always trying out a new flavor combination that may or may not work.

While it’s true that some of your best recipe ideas end up in the trash, just as many belong in a five star restaurant.

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10 thoughts on “quiz: what fall fruit or vegetable are you?

  1. You Are Pomegranates

    You are exotic, well traveled, and well learned. You are also something of a foodie.
    You know how to whip up an amazing meal, and you never shy away from incorporating some seasonal ingredients.

    You believe in eating healthy foods, but you don’t go too overboard with it. You know that you have a leg up by doing a lot of your own cooking.
    So there is room in your diet for plenty of fall indulgences… you just balance them out with fresh fruits and vegetables.

    Interesting. Sounds like me and yet I have never eaten a pomegranate.

  2. YOU STOP TYPING RIGHT THIS MINUTE AND GO EAT A FUCKING POMEGRANATE!!! If they were good enough for Persephone to come back from the underworld for, they’re too good to be missed, trust me.

    Also; packed with antioxidants.

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  4. I am brussel sprouts!
    How much do I loathe that fucking vegetable?
    It even tastes like shit with chocolate on it.
    Christ in a sidecar . . .

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