Scientifically Speaking…

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23 thoughts on “Scientifically Speaking…

  1. Makes sense to me, Az. I mean, the Hubbardites are still waiting for the good space-plane dudes, and the Christians are still waiting for this guy Chris to turn up.

  2. Eaaaarnest Angely! That brings back memories. A name to reside in history, hopefully. Wonder how many of his sweat rags he foisted onto the devout and the desperate?

    For sheer fraudulent chutzpah though(only like, Christian, not at all Jewish), you have to go to Pat Robertson, and particularly to his Age-Defying Shake, which is to well-past-their-sell-by-date preaching hucksters as spinach is to Popeye, so I am told.

    But my personal favourite fake is Oral Roberts, though. Weird name. Particularly considering that Oral became a missionary.

    Anyone remember his “If I don’t get $8 mil, god’s gonna kill me” bit?

    Hey–and d’you think he had an unlucky brother named Anal?

  3. Ernst was a classic. Robin Williams emulated Ernst whenever he mocked TV evangelists.

    “Feel the deeVine E-LEC-TRICI-TEEya! OUT DEMON!”

    2nd runner up was Dr.Gene Scott of L.A. He had a rock band for backup, occasionally wore a leather biker’s jacket, and scribbled bizarre incomprehensible marks on a whiteboard as he explained his interpretation of the gospels. If he wasn’t getting any pledges, he’d sit silent and glare at the camera for 10, maybe 15 minutes.

  4. I put that grandstanding bore CC on a short leash, but sometimes other people get caught in the crossfire. I hesitate to call you “innocent” on the good chance you might take offense at it.

  5. CC was on the George Sodini post, nattering on about unrelated, but obviously deeply personal issues.

    I TRIED to find the Nardwuaar on YouTube, but apparently he’s copyright-retentive, the bastidge.

  6. Oh THAT cc! Her verbose rants with all the illogic and misspellings were kind of entertaining, in a dark humor kinda way. Crazy cat lady. So she’s stalking you now, eh?

  7. Fortunately, she’s so self-absorbed that she parachutes and and drops a comment, then buggers off without reading the comments thread, so she never sees that she doesn’t get posted.

    She is going quite up her own fundament in terms of conspiracies now, trust me.

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