quiz: what kind of celebrity would you be?

No surprise here. And if you say there IS one, I’ll … go Dorothy Parker on your ass!

You Would Be a Witty Celebrity

There’s a good chance that your big break would come from being funny. You have a well crafted sense of humor.

And while you may branch out into other areas, your cutting insight and sarcasm would always be your trademark.

As a celebrity, you would not be afraid of publicity stunts and working the press a little. You wouldn’t take any of it very seriously.

You’d be a celebrity in the mold of Tina Fey, Sara Silverman, Seth Rogen, and Will Ferrell.

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8 thoughts on “quiz: what kind of celebrity would you be?

  1. You Would Be a Smart Celebrity
    You’re already very well read and curious about the world. So why would that change simply because you got famous?
    If anything, with more money to devote to traveling and charity, you would be even more worldly.

    Even though you may abhor most celebrity causes, you’d probably have a cause of your own if you were famous. You just care too much not to.
    You’d be a celebrity in the mold of Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Brad Pitt, and Matt Damon.

    It was all sounding so good until that last bit.

  2. You say that to everyone. Hell, you said that to the cat last time you were here, and he’s neutered!

    However, should you need a ticket to California for immoral purposes, I’d be willing to chip in all I can spare.

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