Twitter Tips December 5th, y’all!

Calling all civilians!!!! This class is designed for beginning or early-intermediate Twitter users, to get them up to speed quickly and teach them how to get the most out of Twitter in the least amount of time.

Not like me.

and cross-posted from raincoastermedia because, well, because BECAUSE, that’s why.


Twitter in 120 Minutes

A hands-on seminar designed for beginning Twitter users who want to learn effective ways to manage their accounts and stay efficient.

What: a two-hour introduction to Twitter and TweetDeck,

When: 12-2pm, Saturday, December 5th

Where: Tradeworks Training Society, 2nd floor, 87 West Pender Street, Vancouver at the corner of Columbia and Pender in Chinatown

Why: learn powerful applications that can save you time and help you get the most out of Twitter

How: much? $75

The basics of Twitter and the applications of two Twitter tools will be reviewed in the first 30-45 minutes with a hands-on session in the remaining 1:15, where the instructor will be available to guide participants through the basic elements of using TweetDeck and Power Twitter.

Class size is strictly limited to 8: please email bloggingclasses AT gmail DOT com to pre-register.

Payment in advance via Paypal only, please. Paypal accepts debit or credit cards as well as direct e-transfer.

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12 thoughts on “Twitter Tips December 5th, y’all!

  1. Isn’t Twitter just like a blog without the vowels? Aren’t the posts called “Twits,” or are they “Twats?” Sounds like a lot of unnecessary trouble just to let the world know that you’re gonna be offline for 15 minutes.

    $75.00 to learn about posting 140 characters seems kinda steep at 54 cents per character. Otherwise, if it comes with Tetris, it’s a whole new ballgame. You go girl!

  2. rain– First, you’d have to convince me that I need a Twitter account. Then you’d have to convince me to get a Blackberry. I’m starting to begin to think about getting a cell phone. If I showed up for your class, I’d hijack the topic and axe you to pay me. =)

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