What did you do today, raincoaster?

It’s quiet. Too quiet.

You may have noticed it’s been quieter around here than normal lately. That’s not because I’ve stopped working 14-18-hour days; it’s because I’ve been doing all kinds of crazy time-filling things that will ultimately pay off but not in money of course, because this is raincoaster we’re talking about and as everyone knows, I don’t ever see actual money. No in this time-space continuum, anyway.

I has a muneez. Is THAT what it looks like?

So. Anyway. What have I been doing with myself? Moving Lolebrity off WordPress.com (yes, yes, ZOMG IS THE WORLD ENDING? no it is not, but I thought I’d take one of my better-hit-getting bloggeroonies and turn that bitch out. Time to put it on the corner and make pay for its keep. Lolebrity’s URL remains the same as it’s been since about Day Four, http://lolebrity.net and all your gajillions of links to it (right? right?) will still work, and if you haven’t linked to it yet, there’s no time like the present, especially with posts like The Real Reason Brad Left Angie.

Let me repeat: I have a post which explains:

The Real Reason Brad Left Angie

Pass it on.

And if you’re a talented theme hacker or theme deconstructor (is there money in that? how the hell would I know?) you can drop me a comment explaining why some posts center perfectly and have lovely frames around them while some of them just sort of stumble crazily off to the right side like lopsided dipsomaniacs and my supposedly-dynamic header and footer stay as black as can be. I’m going to put it in Duotone theme, but apparently that theme requires major hacking to get it working on independently-hosted WP blogs, and I’m just not up for that till this weekend at the earliest.

Dammit Jim, I’m a blogger, not a script kiddie!

What else did I do besides switch the blog over and manually edit nearly EVERY GODDAM POST to get it to work with the Monotone theme and edit ALL THE FREAKING CATEGORIES to be properly punctuated and hierarchical and install the AllinOneSEO Pack and a bunch of other plugins and only crashed the entire blog network twice because of that damn BackTalk or whatever it’s called?

Calmed far too much internet drama, even for me. Is it a full moon already?

I volunteered TheShebeenClub to organize a poetry event with Toddy McWong, the famous Chinese Scot behind Vangroover’s grooviest annual event, Gung Haggis Fat Choy, for which I have been saving my pennies for two months. Robbie Burns Idol? Bagpipes and dragon dances as distractionduring a limerick contest? We’ll think of something.

I volunteered the Shebeen Club to host a Wake for Duthie Books, one of the country’s most beloved bookstores, finally closing after more than a half-century. Celia Duthie will be our guest of honour, the net proceeds will be donated to a literary charity, and we’ll collect books (which you can buy on sale at Duthie!) to donate to a local charity. There will be many fun surprises at the event, trust ol’ raincoaster here.

I posted:

A Wake for Duthie Books (duh)

Poetry Plaque on Keefer Street (a mystery!)

Sociable! Book Launch Thursday

The Living Society Art Show and Flashmob: Call for artists and participants

Revitalizing a Media Reform Movement in Canada by OpenMedia

Hell is Other People

(I make these lols myself, great art takes time)

Donatella Versace stars in The Mummy Rises

The Real Reason Brad Left Angie

Amber Rose Attacked by Tribbles

They’re HEEEEEEEEEEREEEEEEEEE! Otherwise known as Georgio Armani is losing it

Polymorphous Fabulosity (my very favoritest music video)

Caption Contest Results: Mariah Carey Edition

and about a thousand links to things I didn’t have time to post about over on Tumblr.

Plus moved my office upstairs to make way for the art installation that’s going into the BOB Coworking space for the Cultural Olympiad. Should be interesting: a sound installation of bamboo and water, by Trimpin, a fellow who’s won a MacArthur Genius Grant. I am, if nothing else, consumed by jealousy, but then they don’t yet give out those grants for celebrity blogging. THE MEDIA IS FIXED!!!

And the internet swallows its own tail.

Cat Squared

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3 thoughts on “What did you do today, raincoaster?

  1. And then I left a link to the Real Reason Brad left Angie over on Gawker and watched my hits quadruple in fifteen minutes. Can I whore it out or what?

    And then I asked my very besties in the celebrity blogging world to give me a link to Lolebrity and then I shut down the computer and tried to go home and sleep, only to find that I’ve been locked in! Well, at least I’m safe! Not sure whether to nap on the sofa downstairs or brew up some tea and just go with it…but I have an online meeting with Malcolm Gladwell today at 5, so I have to be at least somewhat coherent.

  2. Hello! Maybe i can help you with the centering issue with Duotone. I had the same problem and i found out that i had some “disturbing” class declaration appearing in the _custom fields_.

    Eg: in my case, i have an “image-tag” custom field where i can find this class:

    class=”ngg-singlepic ngg-none”

    I think it is brought by the NextGen Gallery plugin but i can simply remove it and it all goes ok.

  3. Ah, thanks. I have yet to take a stab at the theme hacking, and am not using the NextGen Gallery plugin at all; never have been. I think the “large images breaking off to the right out of frame” issue is only happening on images that have been resized, but I’ll tinker with it some more over the next week and hopefully get it up and working by next Friday. Thanks again, you’ve been most helpful.

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