Hannah Kearney wins big

Sorry for the cliche post, but I’m sick and stoned on cold meds (my face itches; do they put meth in this? can’t be: I have, as always, no urge to clean up) and not capable of doing much more than lolz or things in which I have a vested and critical financial interest, so check and and True/Slant and pray for me and bring me nourishing things to eat and chocolate, that’s especially nourishing, and Bono, if you’re really in Vangroover, you could stop by and play me a song or something, or just sing into my iPhone once I figure out the settings on the voice recorder.

3 thoughts on “sickie

  1. Weirdest thing. An old friend emailed me some CTV video about the makers of the bouquets. I didn’t see why, but in return I sent her a link to this.

    “Nice,” she replied, “I hope that’s not one of the ones I made coming apart in her hand there.”

    My video playback is skiddy–My computer is aging–and I’d missed the ten seconds she spent on-camera.

  2. Awww, it’s funny but in a nice way this really is a small town kinda Olympics. I knew several people who were onstage at the medal presentation ceremony: heck, I fired one of them from Starbucks!

    The bouquet is coming apart because she was so excited she whopped it around over her head like a bullwhip.

    I wonder what’s really in them; i’d like to think we did better thhan savoy cabbage for them

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