Quick Filler Quiz: what movie is your lovelife like

Yes, filler while I’m stoned on cold meds and can’t blog: note to self: do NOT describe self as “stoned” even on cold meds, when talking to cops. It tends to alarm them unnecessarily.

Frankly, given the state of affairs at Operation Global Media Domination HQ lately, I’m surprised I didn’t come up with Andy Warhol‘s eight hour film of the Empire State Building, during which nothing whatsoever happens. But you know we’re all about the faith in meaningless internet quizzes around here, so what the hell.

Your Love Life is Like Annie Hall

“A relationship, I think, is like a shark. You know? It has to constantly move forward or it dies.”

You believe that love (if you even believe in love!) is a very complicated thing.

Maybe love is pain. Or maybe it’s all a big therapy session. You’re still figuring it out.

Your love style: Brainy and a bit neurotic

Your Hollywood Ending Will Be: Realistic and reflective

6 thoughts on “Quick Filler Quiz: what movie is your lovelife like

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  2. Raincoaster is deductible as a dependant on most of the world’s taxes. And “young” is a relative term, fortunately.

    Mme Metro got “Titanic.” Make of this what you will.

    Personally I find it apt.

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