I am still hungover, so here is an antique dancing pig movie

via filledwithchocolatepudding

Enjoy?if you can. Watch to the very end to be completely freaked the fuck right out. I mean, a lecherous pig dancing with a flirtatious maiden is one thing; an expressive lecherous pig who dances with a flirtatious maiden is quite another.

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9 thoughts on “I am still hungover, so here is an antique dancing pig movie

  1. I love the ending. Jim Henson team be envious. These dudes were ahead of their puppeteer time! Wow!

    Glad to know that the C isn’t on, which is terrific news. Waiting for details on the rest. And congrats on the switch to raw, though the booze won’t be a part of it. So party hearty right now and then feel better in a few weeks. :D

    Email me and I’ll fire off my collection of fun recipes! Good luck my friend and here’s waiting for your escape route to come through.

  2. Thanks! I’m taking two weeks off at the beginning of June and probably won’t do anything more intellectual than sit in the hot tub watching the sun sparkle on my toenail polish.

    But…my friend says since booze is distilled at lower than the boiling point of water, it’s technically raw. What’s the point in going to the wine country if one can’t wino it up?

  3. …so for your plans..you might want to know that your bathing suit is still here, waiting for you!

  4. Is THAT where it is? Sooper!

    I should get my bus ticket this week, so I can save some bucks on the reservation. Email me when I should NOT show up and I will avoid showing up then.

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