Bad news for Dick Grayson

bad news for robinOh dear. This will not end well (and if you read the comic books, you KNOW it didn’t) but here’s poor, young Master Dick getting seriously pushed around by upper management, just because they all know damn well as a ne’er do well circus orphan he’s got exactly zero other offers on his plate.

WHEN will the Proletariat arise? (secret answer for people who remember the New Teen Titans: when some over-tanned princess from a far galaxy starts sleeping around on her husband with them, that’s when).

Also: never heard it called a Proletariat before.

But enough of this nonsense! Let us view the super-sekrit, shocking videotape of Grayson‘s contract negotiations with a certain shady Mister Bruce Wayne.

Also: Dick, honey, they’re called Hot Pants.

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One thought on “Bad news for Dick Grayson

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