Quiz: what late night show host are you?

Oh, of COURSE. I’m not a Jewish NYC hunk, except apparently mentally, but this totally works for me.

You Are The Daily Show

You are well informed and very up to the minute on current events. And you sometimes just have to laugh at the world.

Your sense of humor is very sarcastic and mocking. You can’t believe these crazy times we live in. 

Sometimes people can’t tell if you’re joking or not, and who really cares?

The things you say can be quite profound, even if they are also hilarious.

6 thoughts on “Quiz: what late night show host are you?

  1. Hehehehe – we musta visited blog things around the same time – and both of us grabbed this – I was daily show as well – hmmm – so were all the visitors who reported their results on my site. I wonder if there are any other possibilities.

  2. You Are the Late Show with David Letterman
    You are a bit sarcastic and cynical. It takes a lot to wow you.
    Your sense of humor is pretty dry. Sometimes people don’t even realize that you’re joking.

    You’re the type of person that people are dying to impress. People often make a fool of themselves around you.
    Your standoffishness and aloof demeanor only makes you more appealing!

    Looks like we’re all getting married to each other!

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