Baby on Board!

Baby on Board, what does it LOOK like?

Baby on Board, what does it LOOK like?

I cannot be the only person on the face of the Earth who is literal-minded enough to be annoyed when seeing one of those smug “Baby on Board” stickers and NOT seeing any baby in the car. Dude, someone stole your baby! CALL THE POLICE! MISSING BABY! HOW IS BABBY MADE?

Oh wait, that’s “dogging” isn’t it?

Do pregnant women walk around with Baby On Board shirts? Apparently they do, for the people who are blind and cannot see that they are pregnant, although unless the shirts are in Braille those poor people won’t be able to see the shirt either, so I guess it’s just for the convenience of really, really stupid people who are also inclined to judge people based on their size.

17 thoughts on “Baby on Board!

  1. I love being asked “When are you due?” You should see people’s faces when I say that “I’m not pregnant, I just fat but Thank You for thinking I young enough to have a baby!”

  2. Ha! I haven’t used that myself, but I just might. If somebody wants to stand up for me on the bus, I’m gonna take the seat, because being fat is tiring!

  3. Great post and I really like your viewpoint on this thing. But what I fail to see is what’s your solution? The “Baby on Board” sign on cars is a sure shot way to make sure that when the baby is in the car, the people driving around can know to be extra careful. After all, the baby is important, right? And what when the baby isn’t, take the sticker off???
    I really have no idea if it is present in removable stickers but out here, the baby on board sticker is sort of permanent (read not removable easily and can then be put back), so yaa, the sticker has to stay there.

    And again, please enlighten me on the connection between a pregnant lady (whose body structure says it all) and a car owned by someone with a baby? Or are those cars distinctively marked (except by the sticker in question here) too?

  4. Yes, it’s cheating if you constantly have a Baby On Board sticker and no baby. People are taking extra care around your car for no reason. You owe them, even if all you owe them is to place a temporary NO sticker immediately above the Baby On Board sign.

  5. Do these signs have a purpose other than advertising that the car’s occupants are fertile? Or that there’s a baby you could sell on the black market?

  6. I’ve seen them on Porsches and other cars that can’t possibly fit a baby seat, so I have concluded they’re kind of the Yuppie version of “Beware of Dog” signs in houses that don’t have dogs: just designed to keep you away from their stuff.

  7. I see your point jojopant. I totally would not get into an accident if all the cars around me had signs in their window. I generally don’t drive carefully unless I know there’s a baby nearby.

    I’m not sure what I should do about cars with toddlers in them. I mean, they aren’t really children yet so I’ve been driving carefully around them but once they are four, I can stop worrying about it, right?

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