You’re all invited!

Cthulhu Cake

Cthulhu Cake

It is a fact universally acknowledged that when Julian Assange marries me, this will be our wedding cake. Cry all you want, jealous losers, it WILL happen. TEH CAKE IS NOT A LIE!



Sulk all you want: he stll isn’t going to go out with you.

Our guest list will be exclusive, and we’re really proud to say that we’ve just got an RSVP from a very important celebrity. Not to drop a name, but, well, if you’ve been around you’ll have heard of him. TENTAQUIL!

I, on the other hand, wish I was a Fakemon

I, on the other hand, wish I was a Fakemon

Y’all had better start working on your outfits ASAP: this is one wedding with a STRICT dress code.

here's the image Photobucket took down

not everyone can pull off this look, particularly because of the suckers

Octopus speedo unsafe at ANY speed


14 thoughts on “You’re all invited!

  1. i never thought i’d salivate at the possibility of being invited to a celebrity wedding but PLEEAAAASE put me on the list! and i’m so happy you accepted! how did he convince you?

  2. Yes, Nancy, thanks! Never again will I doubt your himbo-picking powers!

    Silvestar, are you sure you’re not FFE? Also: Octopus beaks are nasssssty. It probably smells like a lesbian orgy in that studio.

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  4. Geez! “Blindsided by the truth” I guess. There really is nothing you can joke about that is so far out that there’s not a whole site devoted to it somewhere on the internet.

  5. Exactly where is your betrothed at the moment? You realise if you marry him you’ll need a …………………………… spouse visa.

    See those things breaking out of your Wedding Cake? Those are the tenticles of DIAC……………….

    We could be neighbours! But with all your rats I’m keeping you away from the kids.

    PS – I found the category. :D

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