the most epic party in the history of party-fication!

Icecoaster, icecoaster, baby!

Icecoaster, icecoaster, baby!

Here are the deets from Facebook. If you’re not sure you’re invited, ping me on Twitter, email, Facebook or in the comments here and I’ll let you know. Frankly, there’s only one person in the whole world who’s NOT invited, but if you’re not him, it’s all good!

18 June · 15:30 – 23:30


Colleen Coplick’s Backyard

421 E 20th Ave
Vancouver, BC

Created by:

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Raincoaster is moving to Yellowknife and transforming into icecoaster! Come give her a great sendoff at this potluck party for friends. BYOB & F but as you’re all better cooks than she is, that’s good news, right?

We’ll be BBQ’ing burgers and dogs, but feel free to bring anything you want to throw on the grill & sides or desserts.

There are some people who didn’t get an invitation because we’re not connected on Facebook, so if you have someone you want to bring, just ping me and I’m sure it’ll be fine.

Also – Due to serious space constraints, Lorraine said “no going away gifts!!”. This moving a billion miles away thing apparently takes up a lot of room.

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9 thoughts on “the most epic party in the history of party-fication!

  1. Be warm and safe, Rain and watch out for those hungryass polar bears.
    I hear they like Stoli . . .
    Let’s see what happens with the Bruins, yes? ;O)

  2. I like the look — it’s very different from your other blog. They’re “hip” in different ways, almost “era-changing,” which would be appropriate, no? The other one reminds me of the groovy early 70s, this one — it’s more “beatnik” somehow. ;P

    Have fun being the icecoaster!

  3. I’m being pedantic, but PLEASE get rid of “Just another site” unless you have a satirical reason for leaving it there!

    Have a great party and a safe move!

  4. Heh, no worries, I’ll deal with the tagline. And yes, David, it will be. Apparently moonshining is big up there, and I can’t wait to do taste tests.

    MMADfan, this is the same theme as I use on my Tumblr, so I thought the congruence was interesting. Dunno if I’ll keep it, but I may.

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