Scientific Labs

Another in our ongoing series of servicey Public Service (and Slightly Redundant) Announcements: How to tell what kind of a lab it is by looking just at the outside.

Yellow Lab, Black Lab, Chocolate Lab, Meth Lab

Yellow Lab, Black Lab, Chocolate Lab, Meth Lab. Like the Seven Dwarfs, but crackier.

You’re welcome.

Related: the most destructive breeds of dog, in order of destructiviciousness in insurance claim money. I would like to draw your particular attention to #2, of which we have spoken before.

1. Great Dane £700

2. Chihuahua £638

3. Mastiff £586

4. Basset Hound £564

5. Whippet £519

6. English Setter £485

7. Bulldog £446

8. Dachshund £445

9. Boxer £404

10. Beagle £400

11. Greyhound £393

12. Dalmatian £388

13. Doberman Pinscher £380

14. Rottweiler £200

15. Border Collie £179

16. Labrador £172

17. Rhodesian Ridgeback £170

18. Newfoundland £163

19. Jack Russell £161

20. Golden Retriever £149

Once again, the Meth Lab:

Meth Lab Puppy dares you to make a fuss!

Meth Lab Puppy dares you to make a fuss!


6 thoughts on “Scientific Labs

  1. I can tell by this list that the problem with most of these dogs is a lack of exercise. Especially Beagles. They are hunting dogs, they need to run or they go crazy.

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