An Explanation!

Well, this certainly accounts for what just happened to me.!/forgetful_man/statuses/98247762377838594

2 thoughts on “An Explanation!

  1. The co-op certainly qualify. Here it is illegal (I’m pretty sure) to raise rent by more than a certain percentage. DOUBLE would certainly be out of bounds!

    The friend-of-a-friend? How old was this person? 10?

  2. Normally it’s illegal to do that here as well. The issue arises because the Co-op is in part social housing, so when I was unemployed, my rent was very low. When you get a job, it’s supposed to rise and that way it’s never more than a third of your income (although it’s more than half of your income if you’re actually on welfare, as I was over the winter when I was ill.

    It was, however, only the thought that my rent wouldn’t immediately rise that enabled me to go take this (again, temporary, probationary) position in the first place.

    It’s quite likely that there’s something in the charter that prevents them from doing this, but it’ll take a lawyer to find it. Fortunately, I can now afford lawyers.

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