Yellowknife Commute at Rush Hour

Yeah, so this is what it looks like when you walk downtown at rush hour from Buttfuck Nowhere, AKA New Newfoundland, out by the Walmart.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Not too bad, eh? Well, except for Arkham Asylum up on the hill there, overlooking the Plateau of Leng and the escaped loon in the foreground. Apparently we’re also not far from Kadath in the Cold Waste; Sarah Palin can see it from her house.

Particularly after the second mushroom.

Note also that the Warm Up Station closes when it gets really cold. I see bureaucrats the world over have the same logical handicaps.

8 thoughts on “Yellowknife Commute at Rush Hour

  1. Yeah, but there are still homeless people! What are they supposed to do to keep warm: Set a police car on fire?

    In related news, it appears London must be quite chilly today,

  2. I would love your commute, mine is generally two packed or nearly full buses being forced to listen to 5 iPods at once while teenager scream for no discernible reason.

    I though Leng was a little more desolate and full of fungus creatures, it is pretty than I was expecting.

  3. You didn’t have to spend all damn day listening to the power tools enthusiast down the block. You’d think, being this remote, it’d be quiet. Nooooooo. The only real differences between the soundscape here and that of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside are: more ATVs, more motorcycles, more monster trucks, more construction, fewer sirens, and the truck-in-reverse-alarm-fanciers wait till the sun is up before parking their trucks in Reverse. BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP…

  4. @ Nancy there are people in Yellowknife who actually do winter camping in tents no less….and then there is the snow gold tournament with purple balls… end of winter fun…..
    @raincoaster….so the commute is nice now but it is that 4 hrs of daylight in the winter that is the killer….so no watching 30 days of darkness….simply to freaky to watch in the winter in Yellowknife

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