OccupyVancouver becomes OccupyHarper

Occupy Harper

Occupy Harper

Our Robot Overlord Stephen “Landru” Harper didn’t get quite the reception he was expecting at today’s photo-op at Science World in Vangroover. Or maybe he did. Either way, today was an unequivocal win for the Occupy movement, even before the Prime Minister’s gilded coach SUV ran over a couple of bicycles while fleeing the scene.


Oh, he’s done for now!


Harper Hates Bikes

Harper Hates Bikes

In fairness, she looks hella dangerous. And what business did she have locking her bike up on a city-provided bike rack in the first place? Asking for it, totally.

And by the way, nobody seems to have noted that it is illegal to drive motorized vehicles on the Seawall in Vancouver, so Heil Harper was in fact breaking the law. But the VPD got flak when they broke the idling laws:

After a while (and I believe after we had started effecting Harper’s schedule) the motorcycle cops started their engines and moved into a formation. They then say there idling and the crowd began to remind them of Vancouver’s anti-idling laws. A good time was had by all!

Not all of his escorts were unsympathetic to the protest:

Harper's Men in Suits

Harper's Men in Suits

In fact, the Men in Suits bear an uncanny likeness to another politically active group.

United as one divided by zero

United as one divided by zero

No wonder I love a man in a good suit!

And then, Harper scarpered. Don’t worry, you’re doing a heckuva job, Harpy!

Heil Harper

Heil Harper

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