Christmas in Canuckistan

Tom Gold's Canadian Christmas

Tom Gold's Canadian Christmas

Merry Christmas, eh!

It has come to our attention here at Operation Global Media Domination’s Mountain Lair that not everyone around the world celebrates Christmas the way we here in the People’s Republic of Canuckistan do. In Belgium they prepare their children for abduction by the loathesome Black Peter, while in Spain there’s something about six or eight black men…I didn’t really follow that part…and in Australia, of course, where it’s the height of summer, they spend the solstice season celebrating the birth of Archie.

This is how we celebrate the season in my country:



Union Lightbulbs

Union Lightbulbs


Occupy Christmas

Occupy Christmas



Now THAT is a Canadian Christmas

Now THAT is a Canadian Christmas

What else is there when you can’t afford to shop? Oh, right, work for awesome clients who pay in cases of wine instead of cash! This is my favorite way to get my Christmas shopping done, actually.


8 thoughts on “Christmas in Canuckistan

  1. Merry Archiemas and Merry Christmas!

    It’s funny how the girls from True/Slant have kept in contact, but as far as I can tell not the men. FruzE and I are working together at the Daily Dot right now (although she’s twenty times as productive as me; I gotta get this time management thing down).

  2. Glad you liked that video: I’ve never seen ice like that. Since it’s called Windy Arm, I guess the wind polished it with airborne ice particles.

    A friend of mine who’s an English music nerd tried to explain the difference between Canada and the UK to his friends thusly: He said that, in the past year, he had bought not one but three albums which featured horses falling through the ice.

    And Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too, Jean.

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