Tomorrow: NOT going to be another day

Davy Jones RIP

They're real and they're spectacular!

RIP Davy Jones, the first of the Monkees to make it to that center stage spotlight in the sky.

Just like every cute British kid who could act and sing, he played the title role in Oliver when he was young. When he was just a little bit older, he was chosen to form 25% of Menudo 1.0, the Monkees. A synthetic, cynical response to the popularity of the Beatles, the band turned out to be not 50% bad indeed, and when Rebecca Black referenced “Pleasant Valley Sunday” in her symphony of clusterfuckery, “Friday,” it could well have been the blow that started Davy on the road to his eventual expiration.

When my friend told me Davy was dead, at first I didn’t believe her.

And then I saw her face.

7 thoughts on “Tomorrow: NOT going to be another day

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  2. Ok, I had no idea he looked like this before he died.

    Anyway, as a kid I really enjoyed their pop songs and the comedy show. Ah yes, I’m a late baby boomer so by that time, reruns were starting up on the Monkees.

    And Davey was cute when he was young

  3. If I recall correctly (and it HAS been awhile) the guy on the table was tied up because he didn’t want to let the Monkees play at his daughter’s Sweet Sixteen party. They had to fight. For their right. To play the party.

    Davy actually slimmed down a fair bit from this in recent years, and let his hair go gray. It looked damn good, too. That picture is at least five years old.

    And BN I have no idea what you’re talking about. None. Nope. Not me. Nopperz.

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