celebrity sperminators?

celebrity sperminators?

You know how fond we are of our internet quizzes around these parts (particularly when we’re feeling lazy, which is always). This may be our greatest find in all of Internet Quiz history. Oh, first we were all like, that site is so skanky! It’s fucking Essex Online, with a side of crossed with

It is nothing more nor less than a celebrity sperm bank.

And…it’s British people. So their definition of “celebrity” includes basically anyone with a tan and competent orthodontistry.

But they have a quiz, so we gave it a whirl. Well, just LOOK at this, wouldja?

Famedaddy Bono

Famedaddy Bono

Obviously this quiz is wise beyond the lot of mortals. HOW DID IT KNOW???? Le sigh. Some day.


2 thoughts on “Kismet!

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