Breaking: the Space/Irony Continuum

Stupid People

Stupid People

Headline of the day:

It’s Not OK To Be Shitty: Guy Fieri, BuzzFeed, And The Tyranny Of Stupid Popular Things


And no, Guy Fieri is not a chef.

10 thoughts on “Breaking: the Space/Irony Continuum

  1. Loved that rant! I completely agree, each time we forgive dumb things because they went viral we all become a tiny bit stupider ourselves.

  2. I didn’t know who Guy Fieri was until I heard about the scathing review on Twitter. The guy looks like a walking parody already, so it’s hard to imagine how much further SNL could have taken it (can’t access the video clip in Spain).

    Couldn’t read any of the football stuff.

  3. Guy Fieri is just what he appears to be: a bro-tastic glutton. He’s actually not a bad host; he constantly makes interjections like, “And you grill it first so it gives that nice flavor when you put it in the broth, right?” etc that many hosts don’t do. He’s just irritating because he has such lowbrow taste and the food network puts on like eight of his shows in a row. Believe me, one is sufficient.

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