yes, soon, very soon, it will be time. this would be a more emphatic post if my left caps key weren’t stuck but oh well, whatever, insert your own imaginary emphasis here.

vangroover, i’m leaving you.

assuming, that is, i can get all this crap packed up and thrown into storage. by tuesday.

at this point, for long, boring, paperwork-related reasons, my co-op and i have both had enough of one another. the showdown at the boardroom corral is on tuesday, and at that point they have, as i understand it, three options:

  1. evict me as of then and there, leaving the co-op legally responsible for the packing up and safe storage of my stuff. i do not think this will appeal to the board, but who knows, gordon might be there and swing the vote in favour of ‘toss her out on the street’ not knowing i have an offer of a free room at a b&b.
  2. accept my notice that i am leaving, which must by the rules be 90 days minimum. this doesn’t suit either of us very well
  3. work out a compromise whereby i have till the middle of february to pack all of this stuff up and get it the hell out of dodge.

because god knows, i am not going to get this entire apartment packed up by tuesday. ain’t happening. particularly not since yesterday i basically spent in the fetal position curled up in bed having a nervous breakdown.

so right now i am looking for two things three things:

  1. a truck, preferably 17′ or so for all my stuff, to move the stuff out once it’s all packed up
  2. a place to store it, reasonably priced and safe.
  3. someone, anyone, to help me pack. yes, it’s a hellava mess, and thinking ahead as i do, the power is off so it’s cold and dark, too. woohoo, party time eh? but i will buy pizza. and beer.

once that’s all done, pizza bought, beer drunken, i will be hitting the road via Greyhound limousine and doing some visiting. if i have the organizational skills to get my passport, i might come visit my friends in Yankistan or points south, or far east, particularly given what Raj says about the cost of living in Thailand. might hit yellowknife again, provided i get a ticket home lined up first, not like last time.

thank god i have one of those jobs that can basically be done from anywhere with an internet connection.

as for a more permanent landing pad, i have leads on a couple of very intriguing locales up in the Interior, on the reservation. if those don’t work, the island will be my next stop for sure. maybe even The Islands, who knows? Every single night since making this decision i’ve had dreams about how it’s the right decision; dreams of kayaking through the woods on a crystal stream, telling people how happy i am to be out of the city, dreams of riding across foothills of snow covered mountains, explaining how i used to live in the Big Smoke. that sort of dream, night after night. this is clearly the right decision, but the only question is, how to get the goddam packing done. thirteen years is a lot of history to put in boxes.

to say nothing of the fact that the boxes have to sit on a layer of styrofoam, because the carpet is soaked through thanks to the leaks in the building.


15 thoughts on “soooooooon

  1. Thanks. I’m very excited but at the same time almost paralyzed by the stress of uncertainty. I do hope they accept my proposal for two weeks. People have been very kind offering help just since this post went up.

    And you should know that it was people like you, Duane, and Steffani Cameron, who inspired me to finally make this choice. As I said, I’m certain it’s the right choice, but it is nerve-wracking to organize a move single handed without a driver’s license or a credit card.

  2. Well, this probably isn’t much of an offer, but if you find yourself in central Michigan in the next couple of months I have a little chicken coop turned writer’s cottage in my backyard. Weird but true. Comes complete with claw foot bath and signed picture of MLK…

  3. Wow! I don’t know what to say. It felt so strange to click the like button on this. Yes I like the idea of you moving to wherever you want to go and of course, I wish you well.

  4. Thanks. You won’t believe what seems to be falling into my lap. I’ll email you with details once it’s solid, but right now things just look really, really good.

    Now to get past Tuesday in one piece.

  5. Moving sucks! I had 16 years of crap to plough through last time I moved, so I know what you’re going through. But it also sounds like you’ll be better off out of that hell hole even though it’s very traumatic right now.

    Best of luck for Tuesday! xx

  6. I feel for you, having to move. We intend to die where we are living right now as the thought of moving ever again is too much to bear. And the house cleaning…. *shudder* Just NO.

    I am very much looking forward to your posts of faraway lands and ridiculous situations. I like that you are having positive dreams about your move, a good decision I think :)

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  8. Thanks, guys. I’m sitting at the cafe waiting for the three people who said they’d be showing up to help me move…it’s 2pm, and they were supposed to be here at noon. I’m pretty conspicuous, being the one with all the boxes beside me, but still nobody manifested.

    As I said elsewhere, a friend will help you move. A good friend will help you move a body. A facebook friend will Like your “I moved” status.

  9. That is so crap. Why do people promise stuff like this if they have no intention of doing it? Worse than not offering at all. I hope at least one of them shows up!

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