I see now where I went wrong

malted milk

oh jeez I should pay more attention when ordering

Ah, THAT’s the problem!

No, really, the problem is I have no budget for anything fun lately. I’d better be paid by next Monday, because that’s Packing Up and Moving Into Storage Day, not yet a national holiday, and I am going to need to pay some bills by then, for srs. There’s no point in having all the funds in the world “in invoices” because as far as I know truck rental companies won’t take invoices in lieu of cash.

Nor will liquor stores, and I am going to CLEAR ONE OUT on the evening of the 25th, believe me.

5 thoughts on “I see now where I went wrong

  1. Thanks, I appreciate it. I can’t live this way much longer. Jackhammers at 8am right outside my window day after day, and I mean LITERALLY; they’re using jackhammers to get the stucco off the wall of my apartment. One. More. Week.

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  3. You got that right. Fortunately, the supervisor came along yesterday and told them they had to finish with the jackhammers that day, so they went into overdrive and got it done. I think I have the balcony to myself for the next few days, which is great, as that’s where the boxes are going.

    I must say, these construction guys work like fiends. I would drop dead after two days on that job.

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