DramaSec: unintended side-effects

The fearsome Goofy Elk

The fearsome Goofy Elk

One of the unintended side-effects of staring too long at a DramaSec op (previously known as Dramz, Flamewars, or Fucking Pointless Internet Drama Put Your Big Girl Panties On And Cut It Out FFS) is the contagion of the Derp Factor.

You have been warned.

12 thoughts on “DramaSec: unintended side-effects

  1. Oh, believe me, you don’t want to know. When I say pointless drama, what I mean is utterly pointless yet simultaneously incredibly destructive drama.

  2. One effect of the above mentioned derp contagion is derp adaptations of popular songs and children’s ryhmes:

    This little piggy went to protest
    This little piggy stayed home
    This little piggy wrote a letter
    This little piggy wrote none.
    And one little piggy made drama
    all the way home.

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