Homesteading 101

Scott McGillivray needs to call me

Scott McGillivray needs to call me

Well, I’ve found my first project for Panorama Palace. The long-term plan is of course to buy some land and coax Scott McGillivray to come over and help me convert it into an income suite and a honeymoon suite, just in case the project drags on, you know. He’ll need somewhere to stay. With me. I’m just trying to be practical here, ya know?

But it’s best to start small and work your way up to something bigger, so I’ve got my eye on this as a beginner’s handyperson project. It’s practical, as it will assist in taking me off the electrical grid and make me more self-sufficient, power-wise.

That it is also potentially deadly and Frickin’ Awesome entered my mind not at all, oh perish the thought.

Convert a junk TV into a 2000ºF solar cooker. Here’s a technique for hacking a 4 foot mega magnifying lens out of your old TV, and some of the things you can do with it!

Thanks to the safety-conscious Rob Cottingham and his friends on Facebook for the tip. And yes, I’m putting this here in case my lawyer needs this at some point in the future, for what reason I cannot predict.

16 thoughts on “Homesteading 101

  1. Melt concrete? Nice. Now all I can think of is making one and directing the death ray down the hill, right at the neighbours house…

  2. In a genuine effort to help you were channelling Macgyver burn through his bonds, and there was the whole mislabelled petrol can thing when you tried to put him out….

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  5. Will do. The thing I like about this one is it’s zero cost. I also have my eye on a camp stove from Biolite that burns everything down to pure ash and also charges devices via a USB plug. It’s all a learning curve.

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