I’m considering a career change

Lisa we have to talk

Lisa we have to talk

Seriously, this “childcare” thing looks hella fun! I can playtest plotlines for my novel while earning money and watching tv. Of course, I’ve been told that pet care pays better (and a quick search through Craigslist confirms this) but you know how cats are.

Fuck This cat

Fuck This cat

They’re even worse than editors.

Unacceptable Cat

Unacceptable Cat

6 thoughts on “I’m considering a career change

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  2. Thanks, and good luck with your stalker. Take the staffer’s advice and change your WP password AND your email password. Might not help, but I’d bet whoever is doing it is going to make themselves known at some point. They always want recognition.

    Quite frankly, yours is the most interesting problem I’ve seen in the forums in quite some time. If staff knows who reported you as Mature, they can keep an eye on them for you. Whoever it was, was probably reading that thread in the forum, which means they’re a WP.com blogger, which means staff can suspend them.

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