Shebeen Spirited September Meeting: this THURSDAY!

You’re gonna be there, right? NO EXCUSES! Note that this week we’re in the snug of the Irish Heather, not the Shebeen.

The Shebeen Club

Come gaze into the void, or at least a warming glass of whisk(e)y with the scintillating members of the Shebeen Club this Thursday at six o’clock. Where else but the Shebeen? Don’t come early, because they won’t be open. And I PROMISE this time I won’t be two hours late. Jeremy Hammond could break out of MCC and kidnap Sabu on behalf of the Syrian Electronic Army and call me to interview them all live and I will still walk away from the keyboard instead of writing it up, I vow it.

All are welcome to our little literary gathering, and anyone with a freshly-written ghost or noir story will be accorded pride of place.

No cost to attend, pay for what you order, the kitchen is excellent and the bar is stunning. This week we’re in the Irish Heather’s snug instead of the Shebeen due to a double-booking…

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