I Am So Very Tired

Fuck that shit. Who dares can come at me by name.

shattersnipe: malcontent & rainbows

I am so very tired, you guys.

I am tired, not of arguing in favour of equality, diversity and tolerance, but of having to explain, over and over and over again, why such arguments are still necessary, only to have my evidence casually dismissed by someone too oblivious to realise that their dismissal of the problem is itself a textbook example of the fucking problem. I am tired of being mocked by hypocrites who think that a single lazy counterexample is sufficient to debunk the fifteen detailed examples they demanded I produce before they’d even accept my point as a hypothetical, let alone valid, argument. I am tired of assholes who think that playing Devil’s advocate about an issue alien to their experience but of deep personal significance to their interlocutor makes them both intellectually superior and more rationally objective on the specious basis that being dispassionate is the same as…

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3 thoughts on “I Am So Very Tired

  1. Hi, Raincoaster. I have a question, and I have seen your avatar on several open columns, so perhaps you could advise? I have a blog labeled, “Sex, Shape and Spirituality,” and it is a holistic look at life, healing and dating. Sometimes, I post about sexual exploits, but sometimes the work is ‘g’. If I am posting a sexual topic, I list it as mature, as I am guess I am taken out of the ‘freshly pressed’ or such, and perhaps I am even labelled as ‘mature’. I am def not a porn site, but work with women finding their sexuality. I noticed that the forum posts were closed. Can you give me any advice on whether I am doing a putting a label out in an appropriate fashion? I wasn’t sure how to find a ral person. Thanks so much….

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