OpHippie: the shopping situation

Well, I went and did it. I didn’t mean to, but I did it.

I spent the bus fare home.

How? One “buying pizza for a friend” and one trip to Army Navy for supplies. That’s all it takes to zero out the bank account lately: a pizza with wine and a months worth of batteries.

Well, actually:

4 D batteries for LED lamp
The cheapest LED lamp they had
4AA batteries for the headlamp, making midnight firewood runs with the wheelbarrow much, much easier
A paperback on living off the sea by a local fisherman
Three space blankets to use as wallpaper to keep the heat in
One fluorescent poncho
One fish grilling basket
Three candles
A lighter
Garden trowel for clam digging

And that’s it. That’s all it takes. $85.81. So I emailed my ex-boss to see if he could pay the remainder he owes me tonight or tomorrow instead of month’s end. Wish me luck!


9 thoughts on “OpHippie: the shopping situation

  1. Quite a good haul. Those fish grilling baskets are always overpriced, I feel. And those stove lighters are generally poor, I got through so many of them I have just given up now and prefer matches.

  2. Good advice. I wouldn’t have bought the fish griller if it hadn’t been $3.95. And matches alas are iffy. The ones I have now are so damp they don’t light easily. I had cardboard lying around in my cabin for a week, tried to use it as fire starter, and steam came off it. Everything gets damp.

    I was disappointed they didn’t have any oil lamps like they usually do; those give great light and I have used them for years.

    Next trip I get a power rig of some kind ( probably wind due to being too shady for solar) and battery, maybe a fishing rod, and we shall see what else. I might build my own shower due to not liking the one at the ecovillage. I need space to turn around in, and enough room so if slugs DO climb the walls, I don’t have to be paranoid about touching them. Ugh.

  3. My mom had a trick for getting rid of slugs. Bury little cups of beer in the ground and the slugs will be attracted and go in and drown. It works. And I figure it’s a happy death.

    Good luck with all that stuff. I miss the days when my bank account never bled dry. Never appreciated them properly.

  4. Thanks, I will try that! Finally, a use for Pilsner!

    Seriously, on the money front all I really want is to be able to buy necessities without pain. Food. Light. Shelter. Is it so much to ask?

    Fortunately a press release fell into my lap today, so that’s paying for the trip home. Whew!

  5. We camp a lot and I will suggest a wind up torch as a necessity cos they never need more batteries. I even have a wind-up radio which I use every day. It plays radio, has a small torch on the side and a USB charger hole in the back.

    I find the best way to light the fire is never to let the bugger go out. We only have a wood fire and over winter I just keep it on a low burn for months. I just let it die down and push the glowing coals to the side when I need to clean it out. Our house is damp in the cold and keeping the fire going keeps the damp out too.

    PS; The beer trap really does work, I use them in my veg garden.

  6. I have been away a week, but when I get back will consider your fire advice. It’s always cold there, and it’d be nice to get to cook in the cabin, if only as a novelty.

    I have a wind up flashlight which should be sufficient. The problem is, that it takes quite a force to wind the buggers, but the parts are all made of plastic, and they snap when they get cold. If I could find one with metal gears I’d be in heaven.

    I will probably break down and buy a biolite camp stove; it’s a hundred bucks, but it has a USB charger outlet, and because it’s a rocket stove it’s very efficient. Then again, for a hundred bucks I could build a rocket stove and have a built in thermal converter making energy all the time, even heating water for a bath. I would very happily drag a clawfooted bathtub to the cabin if I could heat water for it.

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