PRESS RELEASE – Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Unveils PineApple, an Apple Competitor

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SAN FRANCISCO– Following Friday’s unveiling of the much un-anticipated PineApple, a bemused tech press is left scratching its head over Steve Wozniak’s next big idea.

Wozniak, who co-founded tech giant Apple in a garage along with his pal Steve Jobs, is going head-to-head with his old company with his new startup, dubbed PineApple.

Apple was named after Newton’s apple, which disrupted his thought process and led to his development of the theory of gravity.

PineApple is a fruit of a different color, its spiky exterior giving no hint of the sweetness within.

Why PineApple?
Wozniak replied, I thought, why can’t a pineapple make history too? We need more variety in our tech diet.”

The tech legend has long supported social causes, and there is much speculation on what, specifically, the new startup will do: is it computers? gadgets? a nonprofit of some kind?

Wozniak took several years off to return to school and qualify as a schoolteacher, so no…

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