The Thin Man Drinking Game

Nick and Nora

Nick and Nora

Apparently TCM is running The Thin Man, one of the truly great movies of the Thirties, featuring two of the truly greatest performances, those of William Powell and Myrna Loy as Nick and Nora Charles. And also, since it was released just after Prohibition was lifted, featuring an awful lot of every possible kind of booze, making it perfect for a drinking game.

So, without further ado, here is the drinking game I came up with. Basically, every time the characters toss back a Rock and Rye or a Martini or a raw slug straight out of the bottle, you take a drink, one relating to what they’re drinking at the time.

You will need a bottle of Scotch, white wine, Champagne, a cocktail spirit of your choice (we don’t recommend sticking with Scotch all the way through), one shot of Jaegermeister per person, a lot of the mixer of your choice, appropriate garnishes that should be pre-prepared because you’ll be too drunk later, cocktail glasses, highball glasses, wine glasses, champagne glasses, a cocktail shaker or pitcher depending on your preferred cocktail, cocktail ingredients of your choice.

For survivability’s sake, make all your cocktails and highballs singles, no more than 1 1/2 ounces of alcohol, and about 4-6 ounces of mixer. If you watch the movie, you’ll see that’s the standard size back then. The secret to the Six Martini Evening, as Nick knew and Nora discovered, is to keep to singles (which I was quite horrified to discover, bars still make unless you ask for a double. Huh. Imagine that. Ottawa; so very different from Vancouver).

It’s probably best to pre-mix a generous pitcher or shaker of cocktails before the movie starts. Keep lots of ice on hand as well, in case you get dehydrated or you bought the cheap Scotch. You will be drinking wine, taking shots, consuming cocktails, tossing back highballs, and quaffing Champagne. Should be quite a party.

Good luck getting to the end of the movie!

Seeing Nick and Nora have six martinis in the bar, DRINK A COCKTAIL

Looks like scotch and soda in the meeting with Macauley, DRINK A HIGHBALL

Nick handing out cocktails at the party, a dozen or so on a tray, so everyone have a COCKTAIL or HIGHBALL your choice

Nora handing out COCKTAILS at the party, have a COCKTAIL

Nick drinks a HIGHBALL although he appears to have had a few.

Nora hands the remaining cocktails to reporters. If you’re a reporter, bonus COCKTAIL! Only reporters drink this one.

Nick drinks Nora’s Rye COCKTAIL. Drink the cocktail of the person you came with. If you came alone, drink your own drink and re-examine your life choices.

Nora has a HIGHBALL she gives Dorothy. Give a highball to the person to your left.

Nick mixes himself another HIGHBALL. Drink a highball.

“maybe it’d help you to sleep” Nick pours himself a HIGHBALL and shotguns it, and you do the same.

Nora requests a drink, Nick makes her a straight SCOTCH which she doesn’t drink. Put the Scotch in front of you and leave it there. If you drink that Scotch, you lose this round, but only if someone is sober enough to notice.

Nick drinks her scotch, drink the drink of the person on your left. Now you’re even.

Nick gives her some straight SCOTCH to bring her around after he slugs her. Drink Scotch, but not the Scotch from earlier. This is a different one.

Nick slugs a lot of SCOTCH. You know what to do, assuming you’re still conscious.

Nora gives him a glass of HIGHBALL but drinks SCOTCH from the bottle. Twice. Do the same. (in Covid times, use an airplane-serving size bottle and don’t share)

Then he drinks the HIGHBALL in the tumbler. Do that.

Christmas morning, Nick drinks a HIGHBALL and you can have one too. Make me one while you’re up.

Nunhiem pours a SLUG for the Lt., Nick drinks it, and it’s nasty. TAKE A SHOT OF JAEGERMEISTER.

“It’s putting me way behind in my drinking” Nick has a HIGHBALL and you should as well.

Waiter/cop at dinner offers a COCKTAIL so have one.

Morelli drinks a glass of WHITE WINE because he fancy. You do it too.

Nick drinks some WHITE WINE, so have your second.

Glasses of CHAMPAGNE on the train. Wait, are you still here? Are you SURE you’ve been playing this game?


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