Covid-19: What We Don’t Know vs What We DO Know

People will backslide on social distancing because “hasn’t it been long enough?” but it hasn’t. Not by a long ways.


a Guest Post via Facebook by Bradley Cooper, 
Not The Movie Star One

Things we don’t know: our future with a world economy in turmoil. The eventual social and health outcomes of the Covid19 pandemic.

Things we do know: the kind of behaviour as a group that will determine best possible outcomes with regard to virus spread and impact. We know this from experts in the field who have studied similar virus attacks and historical responses and have modeled the results.

Take time in the coming days and weeks to double check your actions and maintain the utmost diligence with regard to preserving the safety of the greater population. People will begin to break and revert to old customs and actions. It’s all in our best interests to take an active role in turning these folks around.

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