Bleach, Rubbing Alcohol, Garlic, Ginger, Liquor, Essential Oils, Cocaine, Vitamin C, and other things that don’t cure Covid-19: Video

A great video about a not-very-bright fellow who thought drinking toxic chemicals would kill Covid-19 before it would kill him. Guess how it ends?


It may upset your aunt, the one who is the local superstar of her essential oil MLM, but there are a large number of things currently rumoured to be effective countermeasures to Covid-19 which just. don’t. work.

Here’s Chubbyemu, civilian name Dr. Bernard Hsu, Associate Director at Novartis Oncology, to break it down for you.

The science, not the virus. Even really good YouTubes can’t break down a sturdy virus on their own; only knowledge paired with right actions (like washing your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water) can do that.

Yeah, don’t do that. ANY of that.

As one of the commenters on YouTube remarked,

“CB felt confident, he was not going to be infected”
He’s smarter than all of us really. Can’t get infected if he’s dead.

In related news, here’s Chubbyemu’s link to a good scientific Covid-19 video playlist, updated daily.

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