GiveSendGo #TruckerConvoy2022 Fundraiser Hack

The Fucker Convoy just can’t win. GoFundMe frozen, then taken down. Protonmail workaround turned out to be a terrible idea. GiveSendGo fundraiser? Hacked to oblivion and leaked to the world, along with a lulzy video that I transcribed in full here. Enjoy.

The Cryptosphere

To be clear, this is different from the GiveSendGo leak, reported earlier by Mikael Thalen, who has been all over this story from the word Go. Or GiveSendGo anyway.

To recap: a group of roughly 150 big rig trucks and somewhere over 200 personal vehicles has been “occupying” downtown Ottawa for three weeks now. This hasn’t made much of a dent in the way Ottawa itself works, as most government workers outside of those who actually work in the Parliament buildings work at Tunney’s Pasture and other locations where the real estate is cheaper and less historic. It IS annoying for downtown residents, some of whom endured an attempt by convoyageurs to trap them in an apartment building and set it aflame.

Downtown is also the location for many homeless people, some of whom have been beaten or had their food stolen by convoyistes.

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