Post-Christmas Hangover and National Drunk Blogging Day: deferred!

Drunk Nativity Set

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I have been informed that my vacation sponsors up here in Podunkaville can’t or won’t see their way into bankrolling my participation in National Drunk Blogging Day. Imagine! What’s the point of three week’s free vacation with a view, a hot tub, a fireplace, and a wall full of DVDs if you have to enjoy it sober? I ask yez.

So I have a plan.

  1. 1) Move the date back. This part is easy! Pick a date when 2. is available
  2. 2) Obtain booze sponsor. This means either Molson’s, who’ve been very, very good to me in the past, or a wine company, as getting a gin sponsor for this would be a) difficult (believe me, I’ve tried to get gin sponsors before) and b) massively destructive to one’s liver, as one must have one drink per post, and I make my Martinis on the large side.

So, anyone interested in hooking us up with some tasteh, tasteh C2H5OH, just let me know.

merry squidmas

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