The Plan: pic seven

Lotus leaves at Sun Yat Sen

Lotus leaves at Sun Yat Sen

Those of you who’ve been following the ol’ icecoaster adventures during my sojourn in Upper Muskox will be familiar with my Plan posts, in which I lay out one productive thing to add to my life over the course of a week (no sense rushing into things impetuously, like moving across the country etc, nossir. Not my style At. All.) and which subsequently goes entirely haywire. And here is another; you must be thrilled!

Back in the day (as we who are old enough to remember those days say) I had a Polariod Joycam, and I loved that mofo like a very bestest imaginary friend. I took it everywhere with me, as it was small, light, and also a mere $20, which reminds me of the Finnish nickname for a cellphone: Yuppie Teddy Bear.


Living Room

Operation Global Media Domination Global HQ

Anyway, the Joycam still exists (can you spot it in this shot of my living room? Probably not, I think it’s on the floor under the four laptop bags) although joycam film has gone to that Great Photobooth in the Sky. Well, not quite: it seems Impossible Is Nothing, or rather Impossible is Possible at the Impossible Project, which makes and sells instant film for existing Polariod cameras, so there is hope for those of us hopelessly addicted to Polariod Dry Transfers and their artsy crafty ilk.

Distractions of Thrift

Distractions of Thrift, a polariod dry transfer by Butter Fry

Such as mine own self.

But where was I? Yes, eulogizing Polariod. It’s what Hipstamatic is a pale, robotic image of. Duty done, moving on.

I have one professional-quality 35 mm SLR (no D!) that I inherited from my mother, and two digital cameras thanks to my friend, photographer and social media maven Cathy Browne, who gives me her castoffs every time she trades up (and long may she so trade!). I’ve been running around for weeks with one or the other in my backpack, and finally decided to get some use out of them, reviving my old Pic a Day practice. I found it refreshed the way I look at the world as I pass through it, as well as provided a reason for me to get out of the damn apartment. Sort of the same effect as when I first began blogging, and I found it forced me out to get material. So you may see a weekly roundup of photos, at least one per day; then again, you may not, particularly if you don’t read this blog every day and if not, what’s your goddam excuse I’d like to know? EH?

In any case, here are some shots from today and last night. I’m too lazy to embed them all individually, so here’s a slideshow via Flickr and Vodpod. Don’t let anyone tell you the Downtown Eastside is a wasteland: this is what it looks like.

Vodpod videos no longer available.