Mark Ward: The Butthurt is Strong with This One, Part the Whatever Part It Is Now

Dear Mark Ward, Have a full refund, honeybuns

Dear Mark Ward, Have a full refund, honeybuns

I hope I’m not going to have to go emoji on this one. He wouldn’t like me when I’m emoji.

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New Workshop: Blogging Basics for Writers, with the Vancouver School of Writing


What are you doing October 1? If you’re a writer thinking about getting online, you should be in my one-evening course, either in person in downtown Vancouver or online.

Originally posted on raincoaster media:

Lorraine Murphy by Robert Shaer Lorraine Murphy by Robert Shaer

Yep, it’s happening! After a two-year layoff from teaching, I’m doing a new workshop, Blogging Basics for Writers, for the Vancouver School of Writing on October 1.

This one-evening course (which can be taken in person or virtually) will teach writers what they need to know in order to create their own blog, fill it, and use it to promote their writing, teaching, and other endeavors. Here’s the official blurb:

This virtual & live course is for writers interested in blogging. It lays out the basic principles behind building a blog which accurately and
professionally expresses you as an author. You’ll learn about the ins and outs of digital copyright, best practices for guest blogging and outreach, and how to handle the dreaded comments section. This is a non-technical course that will give you a solid grounding so you’re ready to move on and…

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This worm f/cks itself in the head and we should all probably just kill ourselves


Here’s your pull quote:
“You see, scientists have recently discovered Macrostotum hystrix, a worm so disgusting you’re liable to start thinking that even jazz fusion wasn’t so bad by comparison.”

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oroborosThe worm has turned

Is there anything worse than humanity? Between the Charleston shootings, the rash of killings of unarmed men by law enforcement, and ISIS, our species has fewer and fewer unashamed apologists.

Surely humanity is the worst.

Until and unless of course you look at any other species. Then, holy crap, all bets are off. We start to look good and suddenly everyone remembers fish have yet to produce a Michelangelo.

You see, scientists have recently discovered Macrostotum hystrix, a worm so disgusting you’re liable to start thinking that even jazz fusion wasn’t so bad by comparison.

As Discovery News’s Jennifer Viegas put it, “One of the most unusual methods of reproduction has just been observed in a flatworm that uses its needle-like penis to stab itself in the head, which leads to egg fertilization.” And to existential horror, she neglects to add.

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Jack Black and Jimmy Fallon: More Than Words, Less Than Perfect

Yes, Jack Black. Yes, you can have me.

Compare and contrast to the original video, by Extreme. It sets the bar high, with over 75 million YES MILLION views, but then ballads by metal bands are always best ballads. Beth. Angie. The list goes on. No-one knows why.

A Zen metal köan.

DramaSec Lite: Spamboy and The Butthurt Kid

Been awhile since we had one of these, eh? But been quite a week for it (I’ll share the rest later). After basically having retired from volunteering in the support forums for several weeks, this popped up on the radar today. First, I commented on another blogger’s post about a spammer, then the spammer spam-liked all my comments and made some kind of insult which the blogger immediately wiped. Then spamboy send me a message via my contact form:

You like his blog so much I thought you might also like what he said about you when he thought you were his enemy. As I said, just a troll. And you are little better.

To which I naturally replied that I have gotten death threats from ISIS, and that sort of thing doesn’t bother me. Spamboy wasn’t happy with that, though, so he took it to the technical support forums where, as I said above, I have been largely absent for some weeks.

Timethief and Raincoaster

  1. aopinionatedman
    Apr 22, 2015, 12:06 AM

    Dear WP admins,

    So can any “blogger” claim they are a “help” here in the support forum and use this place to paste their “help links” everywhere to gain whitehat SEO like timethief does? Or is she special and the only blogger allowed to hawk these forums and “gain” her page ranking in this way?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. mypersonallthing
    Apr 22, 2015, 2:43 AM

    I want to know about that too!

  3. Hi there,

    Thank you for your message on the contact form, and also for the personal insults on that other blogger’s blog. As I said to you via email, I have gotten death threats from ISIS and your butthurt is of no interest to me.

    If you wish to follow the recommended procedure, please fill out this form and stuff it up your ass. Your swollen head fits up there, so I know there’s a lot of room.

  4. For staff: spamboy, the OP, is posting in the technical forum because he lost a war in somebody’s comments section, and his mommy was unable to soothe him:

  5. Speaking of SEO.