Linkie: the Stephen Hawking Christmas Album

You know you have to have it. Nothing says “Christmas” like the dulcet tones of Stephen Hawking.

 The Stephen Hawking Christmas Album.

An instant classic.

Stephen Hawking


6 thoughts on “Linkie: the Stephen Hawking Christmas Album

  1. oh god i want this so bad… nothing makes me feel better than hating myself after watching a good family guy that makes fun of stephen hawking.
    and oh yes raincoaster, i went back to the beginning… lol… i want to know what this blogs roots are. : )

  2. Good god, you’ve got your work cut out for you. I hope you’ve got a lot of coffee!

    At least WordPress is broken tonight, so I can’t post anything more (not, alas, even an I Can’t Post notice).

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