Large Hadron Rap

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this blog is rapidly becoming the world’s most concentrated source of really, really white rap videos.

Forget Vanilla Ice. Forget Snow.

I’m talking the Stephen Hawking Christmas Album. I’m talking Tea Partay. I’m talking White and Nerdy. I’m talking Death of a Fruitcake. I’m talking Ghost Whipping the Ride.

I’m talking Large Hadron Rap.

Pour out a G&T or Kir Royale for absent homies in cottage country or the Gulf Islands and enjoy.

7 thoughts on “Large Hadron Rap

  1. This is the most fucking hilarious video I’ve ever seen. I’ve watched it like 7 times since I first saw it last week.

    Yes, I am a geek. Wanna make something of it? :-P

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