Welcome to the Blogroll, George Orwell

George Orwell Passport

Do I need to explain why?

Seriously, though, I’d have thought he’d have been a little snappier. If he’d had to compete with all the famewhores out there stuffing their blogs with memes, he’d have stepped up his game a bit.

Check out the August 10th entry:

Drizzly. Dense mist in evening. Yellow moon.

Yeah, ACTUAL diaries are never as interesting as blogs. For one thing, fewer amusing YouTubes. The premise is, one post per day, taken straight from Orwell‘s actual diaries. If it weren’t George Fucking Orwell I wouldn’t bother, but I have faith there will be something other than a haircut blog in it eventually.

We’ve now gone a good, solid step beyond asking what happens to a blog when somebody dies (see Theresa Duncan and Olive Riley) and gone straight into blogging for the dead by proxy.

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