What Would Jesus Do?

Probably bail him out, the softie! Then again, he might be busy taking Dad to his parole hearing.

Authorities began investigating God… in April, and he was arrested on Saturday.

Where is your god now?

From NBC30:

South Windsor police arrested Almighty Supremebeing Allah on drug charges…Almighty Supremebeing Allah, who lives in West Hartford, was accused of cocaine possession with intent to sell.

West Hartford, Connecticut? Huh. I’d have lost a bet.

But wait! Jesus can’t do anything! Jesus is missing!

Missing: One 45-kilogram concrete statue of Jesus.

Colchester County RCMP are asking for the public’s help to find the missing statue, stolen from a cemetery in Middle Stewiacke, just outside Truro.

Don’t worry. A lot of people have faith that Jesus will return.

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