and the winner is…

Perez Hilton, for being the first gossip columnist and/or blogger in history to have a sex toy named after him. Now at least one blogger in the world is consistently going to be having sex, if only by proxy. Surely this is the field's equivalent of an Oscar or Nobel. His parents must be so very proud. Don't miss the always-respectful comments; it's so silly that spammer says he likes dogs. Perez is so obviously more of a cat person.

Perez Junior and Senior

And it even matches his pretty eyes!

Some people get sandwiches named after them; Perez gets a sex toy!!

We were honored and amused when the folks at Booty Parlor told us they wanted to name a sex toy after us.

Bright, powerful and unisex were the key words we told them, and they came up with the Perez, Jr. (pictured above). It's waterproof too!

The only thing greater than having a sex toy named after you is having sex and since Perez hasn't been doing much of that, The Perez, Jr. will come in handy.

Click here to get yours today!

P.S. Whenever you use it, just think of Brad Pitt. Or Angelina Jolie. Or both….at the same time!

also, don't hold your breath waiting for the Gawker coverage.

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