Danth a little clother to…CHARO!!!

Yeah, maybe. But you and I both know you’ll watch it when nobody’s looking.
The greatest flamenco guitarist of her generation, and this is what she’ll go down in history for. I no longer feel underappreciated, relatively speaking.

I am also heartened to see that even seasoned Vegas performers and Love Boat semi-regulars have great difficulty dancing in those stupid heels. Bars should have shoe caddies under the tables so you can swap to flats for hitting the floor.


5 thoughts on “Danth a little clother to…CHARO!!!

  1. You think so? I dunno, she’s having difficulty with the heels, but at least she looks to be having a good time. Then again, if you were the premiere flamenco guitarist of your generation and THIS is what became of your career, wouldn’t you seek chemical solace?

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